We are a non-profit group of kite fliers passionate people, based in Canberra, Australia. We are interested specifically in growing public interest related to kite flying.  In that regards, high-performance kite flying is one of our primary focus. In the same time, regarding our activity, we promote kite flying among children and other groups.

We remind ourselves that the art of flying kites has existed for thousands of years and remains as an excellent, enjoyable pursuit. The entire family can enjoy fresh air, no pollution, no noise, just a pleasurable, peaceful experience.

Over the years kites have evolved in various directions such as International attempts on world great flying records or high-speed kites that can crack more than 160kms per hour. Other trends are related to dual line stunt kites. All these are relevant to the aspect of the sport that attracts the bulk of us in Canberra thus far, land-based high-performance flying and probably the most well known of the modern kiting disciplines, kite surfing.

We promote online and offline kite flying in and around Canberra, Australia. Naturally, as an area is locked town, our focus at Canberra Kiting are land-based kiting activities.

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